Loving Hearts Christmas Toy Outreach

loving hearts outreach bear

loving hearts outreach - christmas bearLOVING HEARTS CHRISTMAS TOY OUTREACH FOR 12 – 18 YEAR OLDS


Gift Ideas for GIRLS

Colorful socksScarves

Scrapbooking kits



Flip Flops

Nail Care Items Wild Colors of Nail PolishHeadbands

Toe Socks

Perfume Soaps/Body Wash/Loofahs

Soft Throw (Holiday or “Girly” themed)

Curling Iron/Flat Iron



Picture frames


Photo Albums

 Gift Ideas for BOYS






Hand-held electronic gamesBaseball and Bat

Model Car/Plane Kits

Cologne/After Shave

Hats with Ear Flaps

Sports Themed Soft Throw

Soccer BallBaseball caps






Gift Ideas for Either Boys or Girls

PuzzlesBoard games

Book Bags

Soft blankets

Art Supplies/Sets

Hygiene products

Flash drive for saving school workLatest ‘best seller’ teen books

Comforter Sets (Twin or Standard)

Gift cards to:  McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell, Sonic, etc.

School supplies (Notebooks, binders, pens, highlighters, markers)

Gift cards to: Target, Kohl’s, Walmart, etc.

CD’s/DVD’sCD player

ITunes card

Disposable Cameras

Gift cards to a local theater



Bring your unwrapped donation to our office and join us for some hot cider and cookies and pick up your 2013 calendar and our holiday recipe book.  We will receive donations beginning October 15 – November 21 (Thanksgiving Eve).


The Dan Yoest Insurance Agency will be matching gift amounts up to $1000

For more information on Loving Hearts Outreach visit their site  http://lovingheartsoutreach.weebly.com

Home Security Tips – Lock Crime OUT of Your Home

Home Insurance - new purchase

Home Security Tips

Home Insurance - new purchaseTip #1:  SLIDING GLASS DOORS
Sliding glass doors can offer easy entry into your home.To improve security on existing sliding glass doors, you can install keyed locking devices that secure the door to the frame; adjust the track clearances on the doors so they can’t be pushed out of their tracks; or put a piece of wood or a metal bar in the track of the closed door to prevent the door from opening even if the lock is jimmied or removed.
Most standard double-hung windows have thumbturn
locks between the two window panels. Don’t
rely on these—they can be pried open or easily
reached through a broken pane. Instead, install
keyed locking devices to prevent the window from
being raised from the outside, but make sure
everyone in the house knows where to find the
keys in case of an emergency. Some jurisdictions
have restrictions on this type of lock—check with
your local law enforcement before you install them.
An easy, inexpensive way to secure your windows
is to use the “pin” trick. Drill an angled hole
through the top frame of the lower window
partially into the frame of the upper window.Then
insert a nail or eyebolt.The window can’t be
opened until you remove the nail. Make a second
set of holes with the windows partly opened so
you can have ventilation without intruders.